Zygote of Peace

A call to heaven to see beyond shadows
Beginning the end of slumber and dreams
Challenge veracity of habitual thoughts
Despair seeks to distract my heart
Each day the world grows smaller
Empty rhetoric anesthetizes the mind
Fearful of the tormenting demons
Gnawing on the bones of my soul
Heaviness overtakes me
I am overcome with exhaustion
Justifications and excuses flail
Kicking and screaming to hold back truth
Lifetime of delusion coming closer to an end
Mangled reality lies at my feet
No wonder we are tempted to turn back
Obliterating our awareness
Preferring the familiar however diseased
Quickly sinking back into hostile territory
Ridiculed for trying to find your peace
Seized by a sudden realization
Truth once seen will never again hide
Understanding once begun
Vies unrelenting for attention
Wakens your spirit and calls
Yearning for enlightenment
Zygote of peace begins to grow

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